Entry: Phones Suck Friday, November 21, 2003

FUCK THE BILL.  I WANT TO TALK TO MAGGIE. but i guess i have to wait until she gets back from seattle.  damn.  on the brighter side, i saw a really good play last night.  Proof was absolutely stunning.  And then on the ride home, we busted out a bottle of wine and a bit of Courvasier.  That was interesting.  Thanks nick.  I tried calling Maggie last night, but she had to work on a paper, rendering my call completely useless.  but it was good to hear her voice.  I keep having these wierd-ass dreams with her in them.  some are practical, but seeing a picture of maggie Andy Warhol style...that just screwed with my mind.
BTW, i found out Emily got pregnant.  dammit.  i wanted her to be able to come down from Minnesota for my eagle ceremony.  stupid fucking horny college students.
ok, so the list of people i want to come to my eagle ceremony from out of town, thus far:
Maggie Milligan
Emily Menning
Aaron and Tamra and their mom
Bud and Lila
Grandma and Grandpa
Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary
Courtney Gordon
All of Crew #326
Maggies Crew?
Caitlin + Lacey
Taylor and Troy
Chad Blythe

Jerry, Chad, All their family
Scott Orians
Kaitlin OConner
Jonathan and Jarred Sharman

Post later. Bye.


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