Entry: Parenthetical Voice Monday, November 24, 2003

OK so this weekend sucked big time.  i am so sick of comp class.  on saturday, i wrote a 15 page paper on how scouts are good.  The only problem was, it had to be deductive. grrr. i swear that woman gains some sort of sick enjoyment out of watching us twitch at papers, shuddering at the very thought of another.  grrr.
but anyway, i now reealize how pathetic i am.  i keep staring at the phone, hoping maggie will call.  i even tried to pick up the phone this weekend to call her, but was then reminded of that damned paper.  i simply cant forget about her.  i know its hopeless to try to hang onto her, i will probably never see her again.  i am still going to drive to her house this summer, but i will more than likely be turned around at her door.  all right, im going to stop whining now.  im tired, fuck it. peace.


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