Entry: Back from the Grave Monday, December 01, 2003

Ok, so i havent done this in a while.  I must say, being without a computer for a week sucks.  Damn viruses.  ok, break down of this weekend:

After school, watched Finding Nemo
went out with a friend, inadvertently got them grounded
drove to Grand Island, arrived around midnight

Thursday (Thanksgiving)
Woke up, had breakfast at Grandma's
hung out all day, talking to cousins etc...
watched Goldeneye, ConAir, and The Rock
Drove home, arrived around 10

Woke up, watched GoldMember, Bruce Almighty, Tomb Raider Cradle of Life, and another movie i dont quite remember
cleaned off the front porch, then played with my brother all day

Woke up
cleaned up the ENTIRE yard (for those of you who dont know, i have a frickin huge-ass yard)
Went to Haunted Mansion, which sucked major balls

Worked on the addition in back
went to play rehearsal, picked up props and all sorts of shit.

That's about it.  As you can see, my weekend kind of sucked.  i talked to Maggie for a little bit, but i wish it could have been a lot longer.  i still owe 100+ for the calls earlier.  once i get that paid, i can call her again.  I really wish i could be with her.  just to see her, smell her, breathe her in.  just to get close, touch her beautiful hair with my fingertips.  then just hold her in my arms forever, never to let go.  and finally be able to feel comfortable, feel like nothing was wrong.  Feel home.  just like someone was there ofr me, like i do when i hear her over the phone.  this summer.  i just have to keep thinking, the last two weeks of the summer i can see her.  i just hope nothing changes from now till then, though it more than likely will.  i love her.  and as pitiful as it sounds, i just want to curl up next to her in her bed and fall asleep with my arm around her.  just to fall into her bed would be good enough for me.  i will drive up and pick her up from school and take her away and show her how much i love her.  for now, goodbye.


Overlordess of the Universe!
December 4, 2003   12:38 AM PST
MERH! It's a goddamn fucking conspiracy! Everybody loves Maggie! But noone loves Eibhlin. No Eibhlin is to to something for guys to want. Maybe i'm ugly. Maybe i give of like weird pheromones that repel guys. GRAWR! as Revie says. Oh opps I'm supposed to commenting on your life not mine. Well, Your weekend was better than mine, Well aside form the fact that on Thurs. I kicked my friends ass at monopoly. Anywho, i hope you are sincer in your feeling towards Mags cause if you aren't if i ever meet you i will hurt you. Several times. J/k but i will be nad at you. BTW ignore all this cause i've had too many Mountain Dews and Maggie is my friend and she told me to come here. You sound like a nice guy though. Buh-bye Now!
Eibhlin(pronounced I-lean which i don't)
a.k.a. Supreme Evil Overlordess of the Universe (the whole title won't fit at the top.)

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