Entry: its an art Tuesday, February 10, 2004

the art of hoganing.
what more can i say?  to the bastards that created the term, fuck you.  wait, i take that back.  i hope you are run over by a freight train and then skull fucked by a squirrel.  you networking fucks.  all you ever do is sit in that room playing wolfenstein all day, coming up with the most disrespectful terms you possibly can.  sorry pal, eagle scouts dont lie.  you do.  so when you fick up next time, and you try to call it hoganing, remember that i have more resources than you could ever fend off.  silent thunder.
think about that phrase for a minute.  a total paradox. an anomaly, it cant happen.  but thats what makes it so perfect for me.  because i am an enigma.  try to figure me out, i dare you.  in order for thunder to occur, what has to happen?  lightning.  one of the most destructve forces on the planet.  and if that lightning is dark, obscurous, another paradox, then it is perfectly plausible for the following thunder to remain silent.  and the paradoxes in nature are always the most violent, deadly and destructive.  so keep that in mind when you piss me off.  because you just created lightning.  and one of these times, my mild nature is going to leave me quite suddenly.  swiftly, quietly, perfectly.  flawless execution.  task complete.  and the thunder will be silent, from behind, invisible.  never forget that, ever.  i have more experience than most people get in a life time, and the resources to utilize it to my fullest extent. not to mention, i have a steeper learning curve than a mountain rock face, and im not afraid to use either.  so go ahead, piss me off.  slander my name.  but when the time comes for your turning point, i will be holding the reins.  oops, i slipped.  goodbye, fucker.


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